“The Resources of the Lord”


I saw a beautiful man with an exquisite suit. He was taking items out of one pocket and placing them in another. I then realized that it was the Lord taking resources and moving them within the Body of Christ. (This portion was a dream)

Then the Lord began to open up this dream and expound upon it and revealed the following.
The Lord will be re-distributing the wealth that is at His disposal!

He will be taking from those who have much and is doing little and giving those resources to the churches and organizations that have faithfully done much with little.
The Lord will send a multitude of people with extraordinary talents, time and money to help bless the Church. All of those faithful leaders who have diligently prayed for the ability to truly bless the Church, to bless Israel, to help the needy, to reach out to all those who are that remnant that the Lord has called will have those prayers answered.

We are about to cast out our nets on the right side of the boat and we are about to experience the greatest harvest this world has ever known. That all that was preordained before the foundations of the earth will become reality in the natural as well as the spiritual.

All things are about to be aligned in to proper order and correction of the past will come swiftly! For the Lord has allowed the sin of man and especially the Church to run it’s course but now the change will be dramatic and will astound the world.

There will be a harmonious orchestration of the Holy Spirit that will shock every unbeliever and will bring many, many, many to the kingdom of our God!

Finally the obedience and purity of the Church will be evident!

At last the Church, the Bride will take her rightful position for she has been called for such a time as this.
She will become the magnet to draw men’s eyes to look in to our lives and have a reason to sincerely desire Him who sits upon the throne. The world is dying to see something supernatural and they will see it in the ones who follow after Jesus!

The words and actions of the Saints will be nothing less than beauty in the midst of the ashes! The soft replies of the Saints to the harshness and hatred around us will be as a sign to the masses.

The incredible Hope that we will display will change and win the hearts and minds of even the agnostics, the atheists, and many haters of the Lord will fall to their knees and confess Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives.

The ACLU will lose many of their members to the One True God.

Finally what our purity, holiness, words, and actions could not produce then the Greatest Love that man has ever known, Jesus in us will wear them out from their anger and bitterness.

The final glorious chapter of the Bride will be written with their own blood for many will become martyrs who will give their lives willingly for the Lord Jesus!

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Rev. 12:10-12

With the taking of each precious life of a Saint, the Lord will bring in thirty, sixty and 100 more who will give their lives to Him until all is completed and then the Lord will come back for His people!

The holy ones who have endured to the end will comprise that Bride who is spotless and without wrinkle, she is pure and holy. And it is she who will enjoy all the benefits of her Lord and experience the wonders and blessings of His kingdom for all eternity.

Steve Grable