“The Place of Holiness Where Wholeness Resides”



“The Place of Holiness Where Wholeness Resides”

The physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual wounds from the past
restrict us from receiving the necessary healing that would bring us in to wholeness!

There are seven areas of our lives that keep us from being whole!

1. Disobedience

2. Fear

3. Anger

4. Unbelief

5. Rebellion

6. Distortion of the Truth (we all live a with a degree of distorted truth!)

7. Mismanagement of God given resources, (giftings, callings and promises)


I heard the Holy Spirit say,
“The Place of Holiness where Wholeness resides!”

Do you wonder why you have no peace? Why do you have a temporary burst of happiness because of a new automobile, home or some new acquisition? And then it fades?

Although you are attempting to reduce stress load, you are downsizing to be more in control and to make your life simpler, does it work for you?

It is because we do not understand that these emotions, well really Sin are constantly pulling us back into a reality that we as believers were never meant to reside in. Our spirit was designed by G-d and was created to last for an eternity.

There is a constant struggle that the apostle Paul speaks concerning the flesh and the spirit warring against each other. How many times have you experienced the peace that passes all understanding?

Regardless of the storms, there should be no difference. You can be walking through any set of circumstances and realize the peace and joy that comes in that quiet place we call Holiness!

We cannot manufacture it! We cannot buy it! We cannot store it for a rainy day!

Wholeness is that supernatural place where, even if you are there for a brief moment, it is life changing! There is no thought of inadequacies or condemnation but only a sweet peace, a presence and a beauty, an immersion and existence in a place where worry is not present, no concern for tomorrow and time is irrelevant.

Everything that is rushing past you seems to acknowledge your presence but your spirit is in another dimension. When you encounter others, no one is beyond love and acceptance.

When speaking with others the presence you are experiencing comes forth in a soft manner. But the interaction seems to pull you back into this linear time and your spirit cries within you to remain in that place.

If you are desperate for this wholeness in your spirit, if you are desperate for peace and joy that come with it then you must enter a Place called Holiness!

I know where you can find it!

The source of all wholeness, peace and joy reside within Holiness and it is He, the Holy Spirit! He is your only Source! Jesus, when He left said to wait for the promise of the Father, The Holy Spirit, He will be your helper, your comforter and instructor.

Perfection and Holiness are not the same, we will never walk in perfection because of these corruptible bodies but we can walk in the Holiness of the Holy Spirit!

Holiness is not only attainable but will be far more easier than you think if you only choose to yield to the Holy Spirit. He was sent to enable you to live a Holy life and to dwell in Wholeness!


Steve Grable