The Price of Admission is Desperation!




Desperation completes destinies; it realigns history, and mobilizes the fearful!

Jacob was going back to the land of his father, Isaac.

He was about to face Esau his brother. This was the first time since he had deceived him and ran to his uncle Laban’s house.

Jacob was alone by the brook and wrestles with the Lord until the breaking of the day.

And He said, “Let Me go for the day breaks.” But he (Jacob) said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!” Gen 32:26

Jacob was in a place of great desperation!

He feared for his life and the lives of his entire house. Jacob knew that everything that had meaning in his life was at stake. He was feeling the wrath and sword of his brother Esau.

He desperately wanted the blessing of God, he had no choice, and he knew that if he let go of God even for a brief moment, his destiny might never recover!

There are perhaps only a few times in our life, we come to a decision

that will change the course of our destinies and change all we hope to become.

In order to receive the Blessing of his father,

He became a man of Desperation!

To vow to never let go, until God blessed him!

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Mat 11:12

There is a place that is reserved for those who are desperate!

This is not a prosperity message but there are blessings that have been reserved for us by God.

Anyone who comes in must have already come to an end of themselves! They arrived at that point of desperation, where there was a great need that was impossible to find anywhere else.

It can be found here!

This place of provision was the storehouse of heaven where all good and perfect gifts come.

I felt the Holy Spirit was giving me a special tour and a general knowledge of the place.

Anyone could come here regardless of his or her beliefs,
their only admission ticket necessary,


When I entered the warehouse it was so expansive that I could not see any of the walls.

As I came to the first row of what appeared to be like a large bin where it seemed as if someone had literally dumped cars, in another bin was houses, and on and on.

Every bin had a different material thing. You could dip your hand in to the bin and pick up a handful of cars or houses. Although you did not see a nametag of sorts, you instinctively knew what had been reserved for it was being held until the rightful owner had the specific need.

You see this warehouse was designed and all appropriations were made before the foundations of the earth. Your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things so they were created exclusively for each of us.

Row after row! However I began to see a pattern. The material things were all up in front but as you walked past all of the cars, homes, furniture, vacations, boats and all the pleasant things then the more important things began to come in focus.

There were jobs and business, giftings and callings and all type of ministries. Families came into view. There was husbands and wives, parents for the homeless, children for the childless.

But the deeper into the warehouse we traveled, the closer these were to the heart of God!

With each step toward what appeared to be the least visited part of the warehouse, those things like salvation, the baptism of the Holy Spirit (the Father’s promise), a broken and contrite spirit were all found. The gifts and fruits of the spirit were there.

When I saw holiness, suddenly all forms of healing were present!

In the very darkest part of the warehouse, where few had journeyed was……. Wisdom!

The unbelievers, those who had not come to Christ were still entering but were simply satisfied with just the usual. I had the impression that everyone could have had so much more but picked this and that and were so pleased with their find that they did not go any further!

They had become so satisfied that the deeper things, the hidden things were unimportant!

We who are Christians know the value of the incorruptible or do we?

Do we behave any differently than the unbeliever?

We are living in a false reality that the enemy has distorted. We walk beneath the supernatural abundance of what was intended for the Church by the provision of the Father.

Jesus said that He came that we might have life and life more abundantly!
Is the Church living the abundant life? Perhaps in material wealth but not in witness of heaven.

But change is coming, for the righteousness of the Bride is being prepared!
And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:119

Steve Grable