Israel, A Word

Two words

December 29, 2006
January 2008



 And I heard the Lord saying,

You will be as a cool refreshing spring in the midst of a dry and barren land to My People Israel.
They will come and drink and as they drink they will see Me, saith the Lord.

I will quench their thirst! And they will receive Me and I will comfort them and redeem them.
You will be a comforter to them and I will be their heavenly Father. And they shall come and serve me and know that I have sent thee. You shall be a voice crying for them and a voice crying out to them to lay aside their idols, and allow Me to cleanse them and to cleanse the land.

To heal them and to cause them to be whole!

For I have sanctified them as a holy people that all the peoples of the earth might be blessed.

And you have been chosen to be a comfort to them to bring remembrance and to bring forth repentance that they may see whom they rejected and pierced and receive Me as Messiah, Priest and King.

I will lavish my affection upon My People Israel!

Like Jacob, I will not let them go until I have blessed them

and made Jerusalem a praise in the earth!

Days are short and I will move My hand upon Israel to

Remove from her the might of her own hand

and remove from her the comfort of her flesh.

She will call to Me and seek My face and
My hand will comfort, protect and bless.

Remember the days of Gideon,
the Lord will not allow Israel to successfully defend herself
but will allow her enemies to have such overwhelming ability that all of Israel

will again know that it was the hand of the Lord who delivers her and not their own strength!



A Brief Word concerning Israel

January 2008


“All of Zion is as a Sanctuary to the Lord”


Jeremiah 6:2 states

I have likened the daughter of Zion to a lovely and delicate woman.

and she will merge with the Church also being a woman of beauty,

These two daughters will

Become the one true Bride of Messiah!


Steve Grable