“Who are we to divide “Your Land”?
January 20, 2006


Just a short note that will explain the timing of this Word.
This word is a direct result of the United States placing pressure upon Israel to give up the Gaza Strip.
The “forced” pullout from the Gaza was completed on August 15, 2005.
Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans on August 29. 2005

About a week after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on New Orleans,
I heard the following Word but did not write this article until January 2006, a few months later.

And I hear the Spirit saying,
Who are we to divide “Your Land” and to make Your people homeless?

Who are we to take what God has ordained and brought into union that
America attempts to separate and cause divorce His people from the Land?

Who are we to say to the Lord, Israel is not Yours and Jerusalem is not Your resting place?

For I Am married to My people and I have joined My people to My Land.
And what I have joined together let no man put asunder for
these are Holy to the Lord, these are My Remnant!

And I will visit them once more and will reveal Myself to them,
and in their distress, they will cry out to Me and in their humility and remorse,
they will find the Holy One of Israel.

They will come to Me and I will fill them with My Spirit. And I will comfort,
provide and protect them with My hand, saith the Lord.

And they will Know Me whom they have not seen, for those who did see, did not believe,
but Now they will believe upon Me and they will put their trust in Me for
they will know that I AM their salvation!

And because America has concerned herself with what is Mine
and has been instrumental in dividing up My Land,
I will cause her land to be divided.

And because America has caused My people to be homeless,
I will cause her people to be homeless.

And because America has caused My people to be in need,
I will cause her people to be in need.

And because America has caused fear to come upon my people by their policies,
I will cause fear to come upon her people by My Name saith the Lord.

America, because you have dealt with My land and My people with a heavy hand
so shall I deal with your land and your people with a heavy hand!


Steve Grable