Basic needs will become the focus for America’s future!
“To Awaken, To Warn and To Prepare”  

 And I hear the Lord saying:

The days are short and terrible events are headed squarely at America’s future and economy. Terrorism will devastate America in a very short while. Many Illegals of all nationalities and others who have little regard for the laws of the land will cause martial law to be put into affect to control the violence.
Gangs will become common and every type of criminal activity will overwhelm civil authorities. The loss of our civil rights will be forfeited “to protect us from ourselves.”

Our manufacturing is winding down. Food, because of weather patterns will be in short supply, fuel for homes and cars will become scarce and jobs will be few and those who have them will work long hard days for little wages.

Basic needs will become the focus for America’s future!
We are about to become a third world country scorned by the entire world.

Today is the day of salvation! Perhaps you may leave this earth this very day by some type of accident. 99% of all those who died yesterday had no idea it was going to be their last day on this earth.

Hell is a very real place, It was not designed for man but was designed for the rebellious angels. But because of man’s rebellion, he too will be included in this place of eternal misery.

Believe (with your heart) in the Lord Jesus and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. He is here right now, waiting for you to receive Him!

                                               If you do not know the Lord Jesus, take a moment to change your life!

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Steve Grable